Product and fashion photography in Lodz and Warsaw

Lella Baldi for PER LUSSO – product and fashion photography for e-commerce

Per Lusso sells hand-made shoes such as Lella Baldi form Milan. This photo-shoot was designed to show that classical shoes are a perfect fit for modern women and the look they aim for.

Lella Baldi for PER LUSSO – shoes from Milan – packshots for e-commerce store

BUTTERWORTH – urban lifestyle fashion & product photography – waterproof coats and jackets

The whole idea of Butterowrth brand is to create designer coats and jackets out of technical materials that would be fashionable and unique while being a great choice for urban dwellers who need their clothes to be comfortable and weatherproof.

First we were asked to make photographs from Berlin that would make great paterns for the materials. Then the coats and jackets were created out of softshell materials with our photos printed on. Finally we made packshots and lifestyle images of the whole collection.

The images below present another Boutterworth collection – one connected with Lodz, Poland. Since it rains quite a lot in Poland, the designer came with an idea to create unique & stylish raincoats that would be really practical, but would also make good souvenirs. We went to a couple of historical places and landmarks which Lodz is known for and made images that were later printed on the materials. After the coats were ready we made the lifstyle photos using the landmarks as a backdrop for our model.

Catwalk images made during Fashion Philosophy - Fashion Week Poland

CLARA VERITAS – handmade bags – product photography and promotional images

The idea for the shoot was that the modern hero comes to his lady with the bags as presents/loot.

BIG SKLEP – packshots of a Nike Air One pair for an e-commerce store.

DOROTA KEMPKO jewelry - product photography for e-commerce and printed catalogue - Lodz, Poland

Handmade jewelry of a yound and independent designer called for a dream-like session that would appeal to a younger generation.

Pozostałe galerie